“When my husband and I bought our home we hired Lois Caruso to design it and pick out furnishings.  Lois is the best decorator. She is patient and finds out what your style is. Lois did everything from top to bottom. We were so excited with the way our home turned out that when we bought a second condo in Florida we flew Lois down and again, she did a complete gutting of the place and we had a wonderful time with her redoing our place. She dealt with the contractors and made the process so easy that I would never use anyone else. Anyone who visits either of our homes falls in love with the decor. My brother also hired her to redo his condo. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an interior designer.”


Rosemary Ansell - West End, NJ/Ft Lauderdale Fl

“ I am happy to take a moment to share my experiences with Lois. Over the years, I have sought her guidance on many different projects from a one-room refresh to a whole-house renovation. I have always found her to be professional, knowledgeable and exacting. Those are the qualities I hoped for when I first hired her, and I have never been disappointed.


Over the years, I have come to appreciate many other of Lois’s qualities. First, she always responds promptly when I have a question or concern. I never have to wait days or weeks to hear from her. Second, she never tries to impose her tastes on my projects. She listens to my thoughts and preferences, then works within those boundaries while presenting some suggestions just outside my usual choices to ensure that I’ve had a chance to examine a broad range of options. Third, she works well with others knowing that this will help assure that the project is completed to my satisfaction. Finally, she’s always willing to go the extra mile to assure that the is project completed. When something isn’t right she makes sure thats it’s corrected promptly.  I highly recommend her for any project that you might be considering. “

Margaret - Rumson NJ